Participating Hunt Vendors


These are the stores who are generously participating in the TextureMania 2 Hunt.  The gifts you receive from these vendors are all full perm for creation use only.  This means that the items as you receive them are not for resale, repackaging, donation, or giving away for free.  You may use them in your creations and builds and then sell/give away your creations using these items, provided you change the permissions so they are no longer full perm.  All textures, sculpts, tutorials and templates that you receive on this hunt are for Second Life use only and may not be transferred to any other world, game or grid under any circumstances.

Love My Textures Main Store, Renegades

Kismet Textures, Kismet Northwinds

Nympheas Textures, Hawthorne

Spring Valley Market, Saint Pierre

XOPH, Annapuma

Timeless Textures, Paradise Landing

Treasured Cove Sculpts, Heavenly Escape

[K.O.] Khan Omizu Textures, Isle of Wonders

Virtual Textures, Sunspot

Angelic’s Textures, Heavenly Escape

Trendy Templates, Kikai

SJP Textures, Anara

Carla’s Sculpty Workshop, Hamnida

Fortunas Creations, Heavens Sky

Texworks, Paradise

Tobrins Textures & Sculpted Prims, Red Apple Island

=Flutterby=, Gorjus Animations

Textures by Corry & Night, Renegades

The Sculptorian, Candyland

Raven’s Heart, Island of Karpathos

GL Sculpt Maps, Lithe

Elegance Designs Boutique, Nedra Atoll

Sick Bubblegum Textures, Triggerfish

Z Best Textures, Tsali

Pancakez, Young

Textiles and Textures, Solbitgil

Deep Blue Sea Designs, Milu

Rehatched, Viana Piazza

Universal Textures Studio, Teddy

VISIONS Gallery, Scimitar

Surface Textures, Tobias

A and S Visions, Hell Lust

SB Wear, Alcyone

DAARK, Charlestown Secret

Peeps, Skybeam Community

Voltai, Brasil Norte

GUHL Architecture Design, Aventurien I


GG Textures & Sculpt Maps, GG Designs

The Pumpkin Head, Lilshire

JSF & C2GO, Newman

TeKnoArtia-TKA, Saint Helene

Chywe’s-The Whole Shebang, Roscana

Amulet, Alvensleben

OBVIOUS, Secrets

emPathy, Alcohol (ADULT)

Klassy Kitty Designs, GoldenBusiness Area 2

CLaWs, Pharaohs Island

Samantha’s Stuff, Hobbs End

Xclusives Animations, Xclusives Animations (ADULT)

Art Adagio, Olberlos

Shugah Bug, LA Dreams

Designs by Shalenda, Paradise Landing

Jessie’s Textures, Omega Plaza

Echo’s Creations Textures, Seductress

Professional Virtual Designers’ Society, 21C Interactive

Virtual Artistry Studio, Magic Land

Build Better at Happy Hippo, Kinetix

Earthly Delights, Monaco City

Bad Katz Textures, Paradise Landing

DEPTH Textures, Najlar

G-Builds, Emphemera

United Artists Textures, Emphemera

Nisha’s Templates, Isle of Wonders

LiReT, O O Arenas

Alice Project, Juicy Mirabella

USC Textures, Paradise Landing

Prims 4U, Tsali

Museum Shop, ACC Alpha

LovEly Designs, Nighty’s Twisted Thorn

Glides Gallery, Tarner

{ToRn}, Meyonohk

Made in Mulberry, Pharaos Island

The Lace Place, Tsali


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